Sunday, August 20
10:30a Celebration Service

Sacrifice: Making All of Life Sacred

There are many negative connotations to the word “sacrifice.”  We think of it in terms of martyrdom and deprivation.  But what if we take it back to its roots?  How can we bring the sacred into everyday life?  We’ll explore perspectives and practices to help us remember our own wholeness—holiness–and that of this world we live in, and to feel closer to the Divine.

Sunday, August 27
10:30a Celebration Service

Religious or Spiritual… Or Science?

The fastest growing segment of people in 21stcentury society describes itself as “Spiritual not Religious.”  What does that mean?  Humankind has always sought to understand the world, and our place in it.  In trying to make sense of the world humans developed incomplete explanations, mythology, magic, and false spiritual hierarchy to help us navigate the mysteries of life and death, good and evil, so we could feel safe.  The old paradigms do not work in the modern world, so let’s explore what Einstein called the “Cosmic Religious Feeling” –a drive toward a universal world order–that still motivates us to explain our world—through scientific study, philosophy, contemplation, and yes… faith.

Sunday, September 3
10:30a Celebration Service

May All Beings

We have prayed the Metta prayer with each other all of August.  Let’s check in and see how it may have changed us and our world, and talk about the meanings of the prayer and how to continue using it as a tool for transformation of ourselves and our relationships.

Sunday, September 10
10:30a Celebration Service

Messengers of God

Special Musical Guest + Potluck Lunch

More than 70 % of Americans believe in Angels. What are they? What do various scriptures say? How do they work in the world?  Are You one? Could you be?

Sunday, September 17
10:30a Celebration Service

Mantra: The Power of Repetition

A generation ago the word “mantra” brought about visuals of crossed-legged Indian Yogis on pillows or maybe of special (and expensive) classes that would give you your own “secret” one.  Today the word is used more often, and some of its mystique is gone, but do we really know what it means?  Let’s learn what mantra really is and how we can all use it to develop a life that is healthier, more mindful, closer to the truth of our being…immersed and saturated in Divine Love.

Sunday, September 24
10:30a Celebration Service

Spiritual Skills: Resilience

We cannot avoid negative things in the is world.  Loss, death, grief, regrettable actions & words, shame, guilt, even despair. The trick to life is not to avoid these at all costs (not possible, and incredibly limiting try) but to learn the skill of resilience.  And yes, it’s a skill, not something we are either born with or without.

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