Sunday, June 30
10:30a Celebration Service

Special Guest Speaker Rev. Kim Andrews

Practicing Ebb & Flow: The Gift We Give to Our Essence 

Life happens and, in the chaos, we forget that we hold the key to bringing peace into the situation at hand. Beloved guest speaker Kim Andrews guides you through the ways we can honor our true nature, enhance our awareness of the Divine, and bless every facet of our being.

Sunday, July 7
10:30a Celebration Service

Special Guest Speaker CJ Miller

Force or Flow: It’s All God

Earlier this year, CJMiller shared his experience with God and the creative process. In Force or Flow, CJMiller explains what he means by “Intelligence of Being” and why you should trust it. Spirit is speaking to us in every life situation and when we step into Spirit we trust the process and the unfolding.

Sunday, July 14
10:30a Celebration Service

Special Guest Speaker Rev. Janet Ellis

“Figure It Out” is Not a Good Slogan

People in my galaxy are terrified, heartbroken and exhausted scrambling in their minds to figure things out. I want to remind you – Figure It Out is NOT a good slogan!

Sunday, July 21
10:30a Celebration Service

Special Guest Speaker Greg Tamblyn – Comedy Concert to Follow

GPS 1.0

Many of us have a GPS in our phone to help us get where we’re going.
Wouldn’t it be cool to have the same thing for our lives?
Wouldn’t it be even cooler if it told us where we need to go?
Good news: we’ve already got one. It’s standard equipment.

Sunday, July 28
10:30a Celebration Service

Special Guest Speaker Nancy Cox & the Prayer Partners

Our Pathway to Prayer

Join us as Nancy and the Prayer Partners discuss how our prayers progress from childhood forward.

Sunday, August 4
10:30a Celebration Service

Special Guest Speaker Michael Gott

The Courage to Change

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
     The courage to change the things I can,
      And the wisdom to know the difference.
The Serenity Prayer has been a source of comfort and clarity for many people from many walks of life for the last century. Its origins may go further back that. The genius of this simple prayer is that it reveals to us that we cannot control all the conditions of the world around us, and yet there will be things we can change, indeed that we are called by Spirit to change. Once we have been granted the wisdom to know what is ours to do, how do we summon the courage needed to change?

Sunday, August 11
10:30a Celebration Service

Special Guest Speaker Rev. Rick Horsey

Is That All There Is?

One of the main questions in life is why human beings tend to choose chaos over happiness? We seem to do this even when we say we know better. We will examine this duality using the thoughts of spiritual thinkers to look even deeper!

Sunday, August 18
10:30a Celebration Service

Special Guest Speaker Rev. PJae Stanley

You See What You Be

Today’s talk is about the power of creating your life from the inside out. Whatever you “see”, whatever you think life is like, or what others are like, is a product of your own perceptions.

If this is true then the key to having the life you want is becoming that which you desire to see in the world.

The Law of Attraction tells us we are Living Magnets that invariably attract into our lives the people, circumstances, and situations that are in harmony with our dominant thoughts.

Today Rev. Dr. Pjae Stanley will share with us three action steps for changing any part of our lives we are unhappy with by changing the habitual way you think.

Sunday, August 25
10:30a Celebration Service

Rev. Melinda is back from Sabbatical!

Remember the Sabbath & Keep It Holy

As I compose this theme, I am about to embark upon my Sabbatical (a word that comes from the same root as “Sabbath” ), having very little idea of how I will experience this time apart.  I am excited, nervous, and expecting the unexpected—knowing that there will be challenges and gifts, both– which will serve to further my growth as a spirit “being human,” and as a minister.  In my first week back I will share with you some of the gifts and “growth opportunities” from this time I have promised to “keep holy.”

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