Sunday, May 5
10:30a Celebration Service

Step 1: Surrender

Step one:  “We admitted we were powerless over _____, that our lives had become unmanageable.”   This step is about letting go of the thought that we can control anything outside ourselves.  We come to understand that in our humanness we never had “control” to begin with, so we only surrender our illusions, and have lost nothing at all.

Sunday, May 12
10:30a Celebration Service

Steps 2 + 3: Trust Something Greater

“Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”

Admitting personal powerlessness allows us to activate a Higher Power in our lives.    We can call that power by any name: God, Mother Nature, the Universe, the Sangha (group of spiritual peers), our Higher Self, the Buddha, or Fred.  It doesn’t matter what we name it, as long as we are willing to call on it.  To do so, we learn trust– that it is good and for our good.

Sunday, May 19
10:30a Celebration Service

Steps 4 + 5: The Truth Will Make You Free

In order to “recover” we must begin to see clearly who we have been, who we are, and who we want to be, so we “take stock” of the truth –without judgment.   We no longer take the weight of burdens that are not ours to carry, nor need to assign blame to others as we begin to deal with life as it IS not as we wish it to be.

Sunday, May 26
10:30a Celebration Service

Steps 6 +7: Ready For Change

Once we have a clearer picture of what in our life has served us and what has held us prisoner, then we’re free to learn to live differently, if we so desire.  We ready ourselves through willingness and trust, and ask our higher power to help us to change what we can, even as we accept what we cannot change.

Sunday, June 2
10:30a Celebration Service

Steps 8, 9 +10 : Clean Your Window

After we’ve taken a truthful, non-judgmental look at our lives, we clear the shame for what is not ours and take responsibility for what IS.  We become willing to make any amends needed to clear the slate in our relationships—with others and within ourself.  Then we take the action necessary to follow through. After that, we keep up daily in order to not let the junk pile up again.  We move thru’ life more smoothly, freely; we cease fighting what is, and find peace within.

Sunday, June 9
10:30a Celebration Service

Step 11: Center in Spirit

In order to maintain our newfound spiritual freedom, we must keep in touch with ourselves—our Higher Self, our Higher Power, however we understand that to be.  Conscious connection keeps us from piling up more shame and blame and miscommunications and helps us keep ego in check.  As we do this our trust in God increases, as we realize that letting Spirit rule instead of Ego always gets us to a happier place.

Sunday, June 16
10:30a Celebration Service

Step 12: Be the Message

The essence of the 12th  step is that we pass our healing on and not try to keep it to ourselves.  Unless we consistently practice these spiritual principles in every area of life, we’ll quickly forget and lose the progress we’ve made.    Being of service and leading by example– sharing our experience, strength and hope with those we would serve– is how we continue to grow in serenity, in spirit, in evolution.  We speak of what we were like in our suffering, what happened, what we learned and how we now live differently, in joy and freedom.

Sunday, June 23
10:30a Celebration Service

Acceptance, Change, Wisdom: The Serenity Prayer

This beloved prayer has been used in the recovery of countless people.  It very simply helps us to remember what is ours to change and what is not.  Then we can put our attention and energy into the places where healing is available— in ourselves, our outlook, our attitudes, our lives. Then we trust God to do God’s work and allow others the dignity of their own experiences and choices.

Sunday, June 30
10:30a Celebration Service

Special Guest Speaker Rev. Kim Andrews

Practicing Ebb & Flow: The Gift We Give to Our Essence 

Life happens and, in the chaos, we forget that we hold the key to bringing peace into the situation at hand. Beloved guest speaker Kim Andrews guides you through the ways we can honor our true nature, enhance our awareness of the Divine, and bless every facet of our being.

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