Sunday, April 7
10:30a Celebration Service

The Activity of Prosperity

Last month we talked about the consciousness of abundance. We know it is necessary to change consciousness in order to change outer conditions, and learned how we impoverish ourselves in multitudinous ways when we hold a consciousness of lack.  We also hinted at how difficult it can be to change consciousness so that we see changed results in our outer world.  This week we will talk about specific activities, attitudes, and habits we can cultivate to bring about the change in consciousness that allows us to live the abundant lives we are here to live.

Sunday, April 14
10:30a Celebration Service

The Necessity of Asking Questions

As a girl brought up in a fundamentalist Christian church, I learned that to even question what I was taught as the (one and only) truth about God and the nature of the universe was dangerous and sinful, and left me teetering on the brink of hell.  What I know now is that the power to question is fundamental to our freedom as human beings, and that any spirituality that is coerced rather than chosen freely is no spirituality at all.  Let’s explore some of the most important questions to ask of ourselves and the universe.

Sunday, April 21
10:30a Celebration Service

The Freedom of Choice

We all are free to choose how and what we think, believe and accept about ourselves, our world, and our place in it—to find our own answers to the questions our hearts ask.  When we exercise the power of choice we take full advantage of that freedom, and life gets really interesting and rewarding.  Or we can slip into ‘habit mind’ and fail to use our power of choice.  This week we will talk about how to keep choice in the forefront of our minds and lives so we can live a life of intentionality rather than one of default.

Sunday, March 24
10:30a Celebration Service

Up From The Gravy, A Rose

Most of Christianity is focused on the fabled death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.  But was this really the point?  Or have we misunderstood the message? Jesus taught a totally new way viewing he world:  freedom from transactional, conditional love.  He spoke of the spirit inside all of us, unconditional and eternal.   Join us this Sunday to discuss the significance of the resurrection story, and how it is OUR story, every time we choose love.

Sunday, April 28
10:30a Celebration Service

The Commonality of our Infinite Variety

At COOL our tagline is “Many Paths, One Spirit.”  What does that mean?  How can we all choose our own individual path, and yet come together each week in study, song, message, meditation, spiritual practice—in unity?  How can people across worlds and cultural divides and varying belief systems ever achieve peace and harmony?  For that matter, how can we even truly befriend someone who holds beliefs with which we strongly disagree?  By  finding the unity in the variety—the common threads that tie all of humanity.   What are they?  How can we activate them in our lives?

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