The staff at Church of One Love is dedicated to your spiritual well being. Our goal is to provide you with practical tools and skills to live an effective and joy-filled life of love, acceptance, wisdom and kindness. All our classes, events, and services are created with your highest and greatest good in mind.

Thank you for your interest in Church of One Love.

Rev. Melinda Wood Allen


Rev. Melinda Wood Allen, Senior Minister

Rev. Melinda Wood Allen is an ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual minister, sought-after spiritual speaker, teacher, workshop facilitator and award-winning singer/songwriter with over 30 years in leadership in New Thought ministries.

She is a regular contributor at the, Big Sky, and Posi-Fest annual spiritual retreats, shares the message of unconditional love in prisons and to addiction recovery groups, and serves on the advisory board for Empower Music & Arts.

Letter from Rev. Melinda

Blessings, Dear Ones!!

It is my honor and privilege to be the spiritual leader of Church of One Love. I love to share how living from spiritual principles has transformed my life, and how it can transform others. I love to teach and talk, write and  sing about Spirit…and I love to love people.

A little history:

A student of  New Thought since 1987, I served as music minister, teacher, retreat facilitator & conference organizer before answering the call to congregational ministry, completing seminary training in 2016.

Raised in the Church of Christ, I experienced both the beauty and the painful limitations of  Christian fundamentalism (feel free to ask me about that).

My true Spiritual awakening began in my 20s, when, although I’d always strived to do “right”  (as taught), I found myself exhausted, broke, unhappy, in an abusive marriage (I stayed because I believed divorce was a “sin”), feeling abandoned by God and betrayed by the religion of my childhood.

The turning point was when I became pregnant with my daughter.  From the day I knew of her existence, I loved her completely and KNEW that as a parent I could never limit or withdraw that love, condemn or abandon her.

Therefore a True God MUST love us at least as much as I loved my child. I understood then, in the depths of my soul, that within the love of God there could be no eternal condemnation.  I made a choice in that moment to serve the God of love—always and only LOVE.

I began to study—Unity principles, 12 steps, 4 Agreements, Science of Mind, Zen meditation, Mindfulness practice, Centering Prayer,  Sufi Poetry, A Course in Miracles, The Work of Bryron Katy, and many other  spiritual teachings, always seeking the teachings of love.  I explored the Bible metaphysically rather than literally, and began to appreciate the universal truth I found in many sacred texts.

For more than 30 years I’ve strived to live from these truths: schooling my thoughts to transform my experience of the world, opening my heart to compassion and understanding for others, praying to align my thoughts with Divine Mind, and holding Love—always, only Love– as my guiding principle.

Do I do these things perfectly? Ha! Spend an afternoon with me and find out! (or just ask my husband). BUT—I live a life of self-responsibility and reliance on a Higher Energy and Power which I choose to call God or simply Love, connecting to the Spirit within; finding joy—even in the face of loss, abundance—even when I don’t know from where my good is coming, peace—even in chaos, trusting grace and knowing my purpose: Love is why I’m here. I’m called to love, nurture, challenge, & support all who walk this path with me.

And…I want to know you! I’d love to hear your life and journey. Please email me or stop and talk after church or class. Let’s make an appointment, have a cup of coffee, spend some time together.

Many blessings and much love,

Rev. Melinda

Jordan Weeks, Administrator

Jordan is overjoyed to work for and alongside such a genuinely supportive, understanding community dedicated to making the world a little brighter!

She is passionate about human rights (especially those of the impoverished or oppressed) and improving society through politics. Her background with legal work encompassed these things, as she primarily assisted families of children with special needs with various legal matters. She loves art and tattoos, which is quite obvious when you meet her! Nature, meditation, and health and wellness are some of her other interests.

Drop her a line at or through any of our social media pages – she’d love to meet you!


Kay Ellingson, Music Coordinator

Kay Ellingson’s singing style and selection of material is diverse, ranging from jazz, blues, and pop, to rock, country, and classical. “I started singing when I was three. That’s all I ever wanted to do. Growing up, I couldn’t decide whether to be Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, or Maria Callas, so I sing it all.

“Here at COOL I have the opportunity to also share it all with the most amazing musicians and congregation – who are also my beloved friends and family. Melinda Allen has introduced me to a whole new world of songs, songwriters, thoughts, and ideas. I can’t wait to see where next we will travel together on this spiritual musical journey.” Kay also performs regularly with her own bands, The K. Ellingson Group and Wives and Lovers.

Kent Ellingson

Kent Ellingson has served as pianist and keyboardist here for since 1991. He recently retired from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing & Visual Arts in Dallas, where he taught jazz piano, music theory, composition, and vocal jazz, and is a recipient of the Sammons D’Jam Jazz Educator Award. Kent currently teaches applied jazz piano and other music classes at Collin College, Plano, as well as Eastfield College in Mesquite. In 2016

Kent performs locally with his own group (including wife Kay as vocalist) and freelances as a pianist/keyboardist throughout the Metroplex. He has truly enjoyed his involvement with the COOL music team, and looks forward each Sunday to performing the wonderful music of the church


Darla Magtibay is the President of the Board of Trustees. She has been a member of Church of One Love for over 20 years. She loves her church and church family, who have been with her through many important life events, including meeting and marrying her wife Jan Miller.

Born in South Dakota and raised in Minnesota, (where her family still resides), Darla moved to Texas in the mid 1980’s. She enjoys exercising, reading, dinners out with friends, and spending time with her family—especially nieces, nephews, grandniece and grandnephew.

“Volunteering with a school for special-needs children and working with C.O.O.L. as a member of the Board and Prayer Partners have been the most meaningful work I’ve ever done. Both have influenced my life beyond what I could have imagined.”

Peri Phifer is the Vice President of the Board of Trustees. Her soul is fed by serving COOL! In addition to being a member of the board, she runs the sound board at services, facilitates our class on A Course of Love, assists wherever needed, and is a truly great hugger! (Giving and receiving!)

Born in in a very small farming community in West Texas, she balked at religion at a young  age after being told by fundamentalist family members she was going to hell. Her spiritual journey began when she found recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous, and after several years in sobriety, it was her desire to expand in her spirituality that brought her to COOL in 2004, where she became active in Leadership Class and was ordained by founding minister Rev. Kay Hunter in 2007.

“My wish is for anyone searching for a place of unconditional Love, come find us, we are waiting for you to join us in Oneness!” 

Karen Whitt is Treasurer of the Board of Trustees and a devoted Prayer Partner.

In her work life, Karen was an attorney in private practice in Texas until 2002, then became owner and operator of a kitchen and bath remodeling company before moving to Chicago in 2006, where she worked as contracts and insurance counsel for an Illinois holding company.

“Retired” since her return to Texas with wife Molly Zeigler—partner of 17 years and spouse of 5—she’s been working hard as “unpaid” General Contractor for the remodel of their Dallas home.

When not serving at the church or working on her house and yard, Karen enjoys golf, SCUBA diving and other travel adventures with Molly. As well as Master Scuba Divers, they are certified risk and insurance dweebs.  Scratch golfers…not so much.

Chris Hurson, Board Secretary, has been a member of the Church of One Love for over 20 years, volunteering wherever needed! She has done kitchen duty for events, provided snacks on Sundays, and helped with two garage sales. She helped ready the church for infants and children: furnished and decorated the infant’s room and children’s church in the social hall. Along with Rev. Melinda, she has written lesson plans for children’s church at COOL. She is grateful to share her joy and love with others as a member of the Board.

She was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, came to Dallas at the age of 3, grew up in Dallas, received a BA in education at a small college in Denver and a Masters in readying from NTSU. She taught for 33 years in the Dallas area.

She enjoys being with friends, traveling, reading and spending summers and as much time as possible in New York with her brother, sister, nieces and nephews. The east coast has always had a special place in her heart, and always will!

“A big thank you to Rev. Kay and Rev. Melinda for sharing your wisdom, guidance and love with me. I am forever grateful to a friend for inviting me to COOL many years ago.”

Nan Cook first learned that church wasn’t just something you had to do because your parents made you when she found COOL in 1997 (then just COL—Cathedral of Light). She met her wife, Jane, at church, and they were married by Rev. Kay Hunter in 1998.

“Church of One Love has been life changing for me. I love the music. It fills my heart. The pandemic has really made me realize how much I love my church family. I so look forward to being back to together with all of you.

I was born in Dallas, Tx, but I grew up on the east coast. I graduated from Oklahoma State University in Psychology. I am currently employed at Digital Resources in Professional Video & Audio. I’m a Senior Account Executive in Audio & Video `sales for over 40 years.

My family lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and my twin and her family live near Austin, TX. My hobbies include Glass fusing, & Scuba diving, or anything in the water. Jane and I love adventures.

I’m glad to share some of my experience, expertise, and gifts of love as a member of the Board!”

Bob Fishburn He has been a member of the church for over 25 years, and has served and contributed in numerous ways before becoming a member of the COOL Board of Trustees.

Recently retired from Macy’s Department Stores after 28 years in visual merchandising, Bob loves to make things beautiful, and is always willing to lend his design and decor expertise at Church of One Love.

He lives in Carrollton with his partner, Gerry Clark ,and their two dachshunds. When not at church or in his backyard pool, Bob enjoys spending time at the lake with his family in Michigan.