Hello and welcome! 

We at Church of One Love are waiting with arms open to include anyone who is searching for spiritual nourishment in a warm, non-judgmental environment that teaches only love and believes in the intrinsic value of every person.

When we say we welcome everyone, we mean EVERYONE, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.

The only requirement for belonging is the wish to be part of a growing community that celebrates the unconditional love of an all-loving, ever-present God, dedicated to supporting its members in individual spiritual growth, loving self-acceptance, and kindness toward all.

Our Vision:
At Church of One Love we see a world fully transformed through the spiritual awakening of all humanity to the One Love that we are.

Our Mission:                                                                                         

We are an inclusive spiritual community teaching unconditional love, inspiring personal transformation, celebrating diversity, and engaging in compassionate action for the greater good of all.

Church of One Love teaches unconditional love rather than judgment and dogma.

We value these Church Beliefs and principles:

  • The power of the Divine Presence within every human being.
  • Prayer and openness to the guidance of Spirit in our daily lives.
  • The power of forgiveness of self and others.
  • The freedom of accepting all people right where they are in their unfolding.
  • The commitment to practice and grow in Love.


Church of One Love - Celebrating the Infinite Paths to God.