About the Church

What We Believe:

  • There is One All-Loving Presence that you may call by whatever name has meaning for you (Spirit, Energy, Divine Power, Universal Mind, etc.) – at COOL we call it God or Love.
  • We are One with that Spirit and with each other; here to learn to live the love that we are. We are each responsible for our own soul’s growth, and must choose to live in love.
  • Wisdom and Truth are universal; there is no “Right Way” except the way of love. Jesus the Christ taught love for God and one’s neighbor, the Buddha taught compassion for all beings, and all wisdom teachers and major religions through the ages have taught the same: love, peace, kindness, the golden rule.
  • Change your Mind, Change your life. Thoughts and Words have power to bring about inner change as we replace unloving thoughts with those of love, joy, peace, kindness.
  • Prayer is powerful: not because it changes God, but because when we align ourselves with the wisdom and love that is always present for us, our inner world changes and is reflected in the outer world.
  • To Heal ourselves is to heal the world. Because we are One, when we as individuals find an enlightened, loving way to live, we evolve the consciousness of the whole planet.
  • Our role as a church is to aid in that evolution by providing wisdom teachings, encouragement, spiritual nourishment, and a loving and safe place to support each person’s growth on his/her own soul path.
  • The role of the Minister is to help, teach, and guide while holding the space for our individual collective spiritual growth.

Church of One Love -  Celebrating the Infinite Paths to God.

Church of One Love -  Celebrating the Infinite Paths to God.

Church of One Love was founded as Community Church of Religious Science in August 1985 by the late and beloved Rev. Kay Hunter.  Over the more than 3 decades since, the church has moved and changed its name to reflect its evolution into a fully independent entity. IN 2013, as Cathedral of Light, it moved to its current location in Farmers Branch.  In 2020, in order to more accurately represent our mission, we became Church of One Love

One thing that has never changed, however, is our motto of Teaching Only Love. Led by senior minister Rev. Melinda Wood Allen, we hold services, teach classes, host workshops, concerts, and spiritual and social events, all aimed at celebrating the Love that is in us all, lives through all, and has its expression as all.

When we say we welcome everyone, we mean EVERYONE, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, ethnicity, nationality. The only requirement for belonging is the wish to be part of a community that teaches, lives and celebrates an unconditionally loving, ever-present God.

Come and join us! We’d love to get to know you!